Transform your data into action

At mFactor, our mission is to integrate data-driven intelligence into commercial, process, and industrial manufacturing operations. Our innovative solutions leverage the latest distributed computing technologies to transform volumes of data into business insight, actionable intelligence, and advanced industrial automation. Effective web and mobile applications equip your business with critical information, delivered in real time.


Industry standard collection technology gathers and stores data from a variety of industrial grade sensors, logic controllers, and enterprise systems. We specialize in secure and robust industrial protocol conversion to ensure context is preserved any factory floor or enterprise data source.


We design data storage and management solutions that lead the industry in speed, reliability, and cost. Cloud, on-site, and edge device computing provide the ultimate scalabililty and security for data collections of all sizes, with direct integration to both proprietary and third-party data sources and services.


Situational awareness and data analytics are at the core of our technology. By leveraging years of industrial experience with our own software analytics toolkit, mFactor delivers operational intelligence to the right personnel at the right time. A dedicated focus on UX and UI create intuitive solutions, with minimal configuration required.


Our data-centric approach drives a variety of operational improvements, including equipment efficiency, preventative maintenance, safety, security, material integrity, quality control, and waste reduction. mFactor provides solutions to improve any downstream equipment on the factory floor.
SSI partnered with mFactor to push digital innovation into their inspection machines, creating a new standard in customer transparency and remote monitoring.
Vantiq and mFactor teamed up to deliver a natural language based system to provide critical decision support and safety notifcations directly to field personnel.