System Integration

Our system integration engineers use a variety of standardized procedures to design complex solutions that involve a variety of both in-house products and third party subsystems. Adhering to agile semantics allows for continous integration and support contracts to fit your needs.


Our team excels at building microservices -- modular, self-contained software applications or hardware devices that enable new features for your enterprise or operation. Some examples include industrial protocol conversions, data publishing gateways, OPC UA enabled devices, low-cost data storage, and sensor aggregation.

Web & Mobile Applications

We specialize in scalable, data-driven web and mobile applications for a variety of vertical markets. Both pure enterprise and end-user platforms are constructed with a focus on minimal UX and machine learning techniques to continously integrate new use cases. Whether you need an API redesign or ground-up mobile application, our agile development tools help deploy feature-rich applications on time and on budget.

Analytics & Awareness

Gathering real-time and historical data is only as useful as the analytics and machine learning tools that surround it. Our analytics and situational awareness applications incorporate both industry standard analytics as well as our own analytical toolbox. We believe in the concept of push notifications to compliement analytical dashboards to provide decision support to all levels of the enterprise.

Embedded Systems

We support both embedded firmware and hardware development in house, if your project has specific needs beyond the realm of third-party hardware vendors. From 8-bit microcontrollers to ARM Cortex chipsets with embedded linux support, mFactor can take your internet-enabled embedded system project from concept to production. Certifications, casings, and support contracts can be tailored to fit any enterprise needs.